How to migrate Out'n About servers


  1. Back up your database files
    • OutAbout.wdb (user database)
    • OutAbout.wdm (user contact information)
    • OutAbout.wdh (user status history for reporting)
  2. Write down your Out'n About Registration key
    • On the server, right click the system tray icon for Out'n About Server Monitor.
    • Your registration key is available in the "About..." menu
  3. Install the newest version of Out'n About on your new server
  4. Overwrite the database files with your old server's database
  5. Test the new environment by migrating a small number of users
  6. When environment is confirmed working, you can define a group policy to point all users to the new server's IP address. Instructions available above.
  7. Delete the old server installation, per your license agreement.
  8. You also may need to restart the Out'n About Service Monitor, not necessarily the app itself, but the start/stop button
  9. If step 8 doesn't start showing your new database, quit the Out'n About Service Monitor and re-launch it while running as an administrator. 
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