Outlook crashes when running Out'n About! for Outlook.

It could be our code (we hate bugs), it could be a bad Outlook profile, or it could be a corrupt Outlook contact or folder item.

To help us identify the issue we will need to know the offset in our software that caused the error. This information is usually available in the dialog that appears when the error occurs. For example, under Windows XP, you can select the 'What data does this error report contain?' link on the dialog to display the error information, or you could look in the Event Viewer and see the application failure details.

First, make sure it is our software causing the error. The module name will be 'outaboutoutlook.dll' if it is our software.

Next, write down the 'Offset' and send this to us along with a description of when the error occurred (e.g., Offset 0006de4 - Outlook was starting up). With this information we will be able to quickly identify what our software was attempting to do when the error occurred.

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