Out'n About! for Outlook add-in gets disabled after every restart

When starting up Outlook, the Out'n About add-in is disabled. If an admin attempts to reinstall the Out'n About client software, the problem persists.

This is most likely due to an issue with Outlook 2013 Resiliency - when you install over a disabled on inactive addin it cannot be enabled correctly.

The solution is documented on this blog article. Follow their instructions on deleting certain registry entries.

Additional Solution:
If above solution does not solve the issue, follow these additional steps:

  1. Log in as an Admin with full rights
  2. Launch Outlook - Navigate to File -- Options -- Addins -- Com Addins
  3. Delete the Out'n About addin
  4. Reinstall most recent version of Out'n About

Another Solution:
If above solution does not solve the issue, change the ‘load behavior’ to 3 in the registry (it may be set at 0). - Thanks to Christopher for this solution.

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    chris shipley

    Resiliency works for slow startups, but not when Outlook has disabled the plugin for a user because it prevented Outlook from loading properly. I still can't get it to load for the user, but I can for other users on this system.  So it's obviously a registry setting in the HKCU area, but not sure where.

    For those looking for the "Load Behavior" to set to 3, try: these registry key locations:

    32-bit OS:

    64-bit OS:

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