Out'n About! for Windows Installation Instructions 

Out'n About! Installation Instructions

Out'n About! can be installed to run in either Single-User (standalone) mode or Mulit-User (network) mode. Both installation modes are nearly identical and you can easily modify the configuration at any time to run in either mode without re-installing the product.

Use Multi-User mode when the Out'n About! database is to be located on your network server so all employee workstations can connect to the database and use the Out'n About! product.

Use Single-User mode when you want to use the Out'n About! product on a single computer. For example, if your employees do not have computers the receptionist can use the program in single-user mode to track employees.

Server Installation

If you plan on running in Single-User mode, perform the following steps on the workstation where the software will be used. If you plan on operating in Multi-User mode, perform the following steps on your network server.

  1. Run the OA620.EXE file you downloaded from our Software Downloads page and follow the simple on-screen installation instructions.
  2. If you are upgrading from Out'n About! v6.x, make sure you install the software to the same location as the previous version.
  3. If you plan on running in Multi-User mode, share the Out'n About! program folder and give all users Read/Write access to the folder. See your operating system help file for instructions how to share folders with other users.

Upgrading to Out'n About! 6.x

If you are currently using Out'n About! v5.5 or earlier, you need to convert the existing database to the new database engine format using the Out'n About! v6.x Upgrade Tool.

Perform the following steps to convert your existing Out'n ABout! database. Note: You do not need to shut down your existing Out'n About! system when running the upgrade tool.

  1. Run the OAUPG600.EXE utility and follow the simple on-screen instructions.
  2. Once the database is converted, you can install the Out'n About! client software on each workstation.

Client Workstation Installation

Perform the following steps for each workstation that will connect to the Out'n About! database.

  1. If you are using Single-User mode, browse for the Out'n About! program folder with Windows Explorer and run the OAWS620.EXE file.
  2. If you are using Mulit-User mode, locate and browse the network server for the shared Out'n About! program folder created during the server installation and run the OAWS620.EXE file.

    Note: You do have the option of running the software directly from the network server without installing it on each workstation. To install Out'n About! on each workstation, simply create a shortcut on the workstation desktop to the outabout.exe program that you installed on the network.
  3. Follow the simple on-screen installation instructions.
  4. Congratulations! The software is now installed and ready to run.
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